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  1. Medio.io - Convert blurry videos into stunning 4K videos with AI!

  2. Decktopus- AI can now create your presentation in seconds!

  3. Undetectable- Turns flagged AI content into high-quality writing!

  4. Beehiiv - Super easy to create newsletters that you can monetize!

  5. Invideo - Create AI videos from just text prompts in seconds!

Meta's Reels feature, which uses AI, has seen an impressive rise in use, with over 200 billion plays each day. This has helped the company's income increase by $10 billion.

Here are the main points:

  • Meta says that Reels has been so successful because of its AI system. It has helped increase the daily number of Reels video plays from 140 billion last fall to over 200 billion now.

  • Reels' yearly income growth shot up to $10 billion, almost as much as TikTok made the year before.

  • Meta's advertising platform is easy to use, which lets advertisers promote their products on Reels without much trouble. This has helped Reels grow quickly.

Why this matters: The constant improvements in AI systems is causing a lot of interest and worry as big tech companies tighten their grip on the public's attention.

Are you a TikTok & Meta Reels user? What do you think about all this?

ChatGPT can be confusing, and knowing what to prompt can be a pain. That's why I focus on basic prompts that work & have real utility. Every week I will cover a new prompt that you can use to advance your career & turbocharge your productivity.

Today, we're spotlighting a prompt for aspiring entrepreneurs,

The Self Improvement Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“I want you to act as a self-help book. You will provide me with advice and tips on how to improve certain areas of my life, such as relationships, career development or financial planning. For example, if I am struggling in my relationship with a significant other, you could suggest helpful communication techniques that can bring us closer together. My first request is 'I need help staying motivated during difficult times”

Netflix is making news for a high-paying job they've offered in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that pays $900,000. This is happening at the same time when there's a lot of debate in Hollywood about the use of AI in making movies and TV shows.

Here's what you need to know:

  • There's a big argument happening in Hollywood right now. Many workers are protesting, asking for more pay and protection because they're worried about AI taking over their jobs.

  • Most actors who are members of the Screen Actors Guild, a union for actors, make less than $26,000 a year. This is way less than the $900,000 that Netflix is offering for this AI job.

  • Netflix has already started using AI in their TV shows. For example, they have a Spanish reality show called "Deep Fake Love" that uses computer-generated images of the people in the show.

  • Netflix is using AI to make changes to the shows and movies they offer and to create new original content.

Why does this matter to you? Big companies like Netflix are investing a lot of money in AI. This could change the way creative work is done and how we value the work done by people. Possible job opportunities to consider for the future as well.

Exciting news for internet entrepreneurs! Loom, the beloved screen recorder, has unveiled its latest AI feature, 'Auto Chapters,' through a Public Beta program. This innovative tool can identify the key points in recordings and automatically generate timestamped chapters.

Fable Studio's AI model, SHOW-1, which harnesses the capabilities of GPT-4, showcased its impressive storytelling skills by crafting an entire 22-minute South Park episode. All it needed to kickstart the creative process was a title, synopsis, and main events.

Adobe has launched a new feature in Photoshop called "Generative Expand". This tool lets you make images bigger than their original size using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What's interesting about this feature is that when you expand an image, the AI will fill up the new space with content it creates. This new content will blend in smoothly with the rest of your picture. You can use this feature with or without giving the AI a text instruction about what you want.

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