😲AI Can Now Control Your Dreams!

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Hello AI Enthusiasts!

Ever thought about controlling your dreams? Morpheus-1, a new AI headband, is making it possible.

This cool, halo-like gadget is designed to help you have and control lucid dreams. If it works as planned, our sleep experiences could change forever. Let's take a closer look!

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Most Exciting:  AI Prophetic can control your dreams!

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🧠 Breaking News: OpenAI’s announcement - reducing API costs & updates

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  1. Pixiebrix- The ultimate ChatGPT automation chrome extension!

  2. Shopmate- Turns website visitors into buyers with AI!

  3. Syllaby- Creates an entire social media strategy in minutes!

  4. Spacely - Your AI interior design assistant! Super cool!

  5. Beehiiv - Create newsletters with AI! (like this one)

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Source: Prophetic

Tech startup Prophetic has just unveiled Morpheus-1, touted as the first-ever 'multimodal generative ultrasonic transformer' aimed at navigating human consciousness by controlling lucid dreams.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Morpheus-1 uses a blend of machine learning, EEG (brainwave) data, and ultrasound waves to identify REM sleep and initiate dream states that the user can control.

  • The device, shaped like a headband, reads brain waves. It then uses ultrasound to stimulate specific brain areas associated with conscious dreaming.

  • It's equipped with batteries, Bluetooth, and WiFi for all-night use and data synchronization. A companion app monitors sleep stages and collects dream data, helping to improve the AI models.

  • Prophetic announced that the beta testing for Morpheus-1 will start this spring.

Why it's groundbreaking: Imagine being able to control your dreams! As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the brain and sleep, the fusion of AI with neuroscience could significantly advance our understanding and exploration of human consciousness.

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Breaking News: OpenAI just rolled out exciting updates for its GPT models, featuring enhancements like improved efficiency and more affordable API usage.

Here's the breakdown:

  • GPT-3.5 Turbo receives several enhancements, along with a significant 50% reduction in input costs and a 25% decrease in output prices for API users.

  • GPT-4 Turbo is upgraded to address 'laziness', a response to feedback about declining model performance.

  • The advanced 4T model with Vision capabilities is set for general release soon.

  • Developers get increased control over API keys, and the text moderation API is enhanced for better detection of harmful content.

Why this is a big deal: Lower API costs are a win for developers using OpenAI technologies, making it more appealing to stay within this growing ecosystem amidst rising competition. GPT-4, in particular, receives a much-needed boost, addressing its previously reported performance issues as we head into 2024.


Here are some of the latest developments in the AI world:

  1. Google Cloud and Hugging Face have teamed up to push open-source AI forward. Now, Hugging Face users can use Google's infrastructure to develop their models.

  2. Brave browser has integrated Mixtral 8x7B, an open-source large language model, as the standard AI assistant Leo in both its free and premium versions.

  3. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is examining how tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, through their investments in OpenAI and Anthropic, are influencing the competitive AI landscape.

  4. PayPal is set to roll out new AI-based products, focusing on helping merchants attract new customers and introducing a Fastlane feature for quicker checkouts.

  5. FuboTV introduced "Instant Headlines," an AI feature that provides 10-word summaries of news segments, aiding viewers in selecting what to watch in real-time.

  6. The University of Amsterdam's researchers developed RoboChem, an AI-powered autonomous robot for chemical synthesis, surpassing human chemists in both speed and precision.

  7. AI-generated images of Taylor Swift caused a stir online, leading to fan outrage and sparking wider discussions about the regulation of deepfake content.

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