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Boston Dynamics is taking its robotic dog, Spot, to the next level by endowing it with a ChatGPT-powered voice, transforming it into a charming guide during a factory tour.

Is this innovation a sneak peek into a thrilling robotic future, or is it a stride towards a daunting world? Time to dive deeper and explore.

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Most Exciting:  Shutterstock’s new AI image editor!

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🧠 Breaking News: Boston Dynamics robot dog can talk!

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  4. Dante- Custom ChatGPT chatbots trained on your data!

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Shutterstock Announces new AI Image Editor!

Source: Shutterstock

Shutterstock just ramped up its game by weaving AI into its platform, granting users innovative ways to tweak and personalize stock photos from its vast collection of 750 million images.

Zooming In:

  • With cool tools like Magic Brush and Background Remover, powered by AI, users can now transform Shutterstock images with ease.

  • Want to extend an image, resize it, or throw in some text or shapes? Change colors? All of that is now within reach, making customization a breeze.

  • As of now, Shutterstock's magic is fueled by OpenAI's DALL-E 2, but they've got their eyes set on an upgrade to the latest DALL-E iteration soon.

  • Shutterstock is playing it cool and ethical, ensuring original artists get their due while keeping AI’s creative powers confined to its own library.

Our Perspective: In a world where AI-driven platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E are shaking up the stock image scene, Shutterstock's move feels like a bid to stay relevant. Yet, with stringent limits in place, there's a sense that they're testing the waters, cautiously navigating this AI revolution.

Here’s a prompt if you need to create a roadmap for project management or tracking!

The Roadmap Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“Create a list of tasks that need to be completed, along with a timeline for their completion, in order to launch a redesigned website for a dental office”

Source: Boston Dynamics

Breaking News: Boston Dynamics has just added a new twist to its four-legged robot 'Spot'—it can now talk! Thanks to ChatGPT, Spot is giving guided tours of its facility, showcasing its newfound conversational prowess in a recent demo video.

Digging into the Details:

  • Spot isn't just a robot guide; it's a character. It responds to questions and guides the tour with various personalities and accents, all powered by prompts, scripts, and visual cues.

  • To add to the charm, Spot's gripper moves in sync with its speech, and it’s even donned googly eyes and a mustache for a quirky touch.

  • Behind the scenes, it’s all ChatGPT and other extensive language models working together to bring Spot’s conversational abilities to life, proving that robots can indeed be engaging and interactive.

Our Take: Though Boston Dynamics’ robotic inventions have sparked diverse reactions in the past, perhaps this charming, chatty version of Spot—with a British accent and quirky accessories—could be the key to winning over more hearts. But we’re curious to know what you think! Drop your thoughts in today’s poll below.

OpenAI has established a new Preparedness team dedicated to evaluating the potential risks associated with highly advanced AI systems. Their focus encompasses various domains, including persuasion tactics, nuclear threats, and potential cyber threats. In conjunction with this initiative, OpenAI has launched a challenge, encouraging innovative approaches to AI risk prevention. The top 10 submissions will be rewarded with $25,000 worth of API credits, fostering a community-driven effort to enhance AI safety.

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