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After making almost half a billion in loss last year, Open AI is on track to hit $1 billion this year but Google has plans to stop it!

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Most Exciting: Munch turns long videos into short viral ones!

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🧠 Breaking News:  ChatGPT Enterprise model is about to make $$$

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  1. Pixiebrix- The ultimate ChatGPT automation chrome extension!

  2. Shopmate- Turns website visitors into buyers with AI!

  3. Syllaby- Creates an entire social media strategy in minutes!

  4. Beehiiv - Start making over $1,000 from newsletters referrals!

  5. Spacely - Your AI interior design assistant! Super cool!

📈Extract Gold from Your Videos with Munch!

Munch offers a groundbreaking solution, leveraging AI to transform your long-form videos into engaging, bite-sized clips primed for social media sharing, complete with subtitles, captions and hashtags.

Munch's innovative platform utilizes trend and marketing analytics to not only repurposes long-form content into optimal social media bites, but also streamlines the resource-intensive process of video editing and trend research.

It's an automated solution designed to cater to the demanding frequency of social media publishing, effortlessly keeping your brand at the forefront of audience engagement.

Here’s a prompt if you want to improve your memory. Acronyms (ex, BRB) are a great way to quickly remember things, here’s a acronym prompt!

The Marketing Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

"Provide me with some examples of acronyms that can help me memorize [information]"

Breaking News:

OpenAI is quickly moving towards earning $1 billion per year, thanks to more businesses using ChatGPT. This growth is mainly driven by the high demand from companies.

To Put It Simply:

Right now, OpenAI is making about $80 million every month, as reported by The Information.

Last year, OpenAI spent a whopping $540 million to create its advanced AI models. So, the current increase in earnings is happening while the company is still spending a lot.

This week, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a special version aimed at businesses. This is in addition to the existing subscription plans for regular users.

Why this is important: Earlier, OpenAI faced criticism for spending so much money on developing its AI models. But the recent boost in earnings should quiet down the skeptics. Also, the new Enterprise version could bring in even more money from big companies, so this uptick in revenue could be just the beginning.

Breaking News:

At the Google Next conference in San Francisco, Google unveiled a bunch of new AI tech and partnerships, all aimed at bringing more AI solutions to big businesses.

🔑 Main Takeaways:

Just a day after OpenAI launched ChatGPT Enterprise, Google rolled out its own AI for enterprise at $30 per user per month, which is the same price Microsoft offers.

In addition, Google launched 20 new AI models specifically for cloud-based business services. They also introduced SynthID, a feature that puts watermarks on AI-created images, and several updates to Google's Office software.

Google also revealed partnerships with Meta Platforms and Anthropic, making their chatbots accessible through Google's Enterprise platform.

Last but not least, Google announced a specialized AI chip called the TPU v5e. This chip is super efficient for AI and large language models (LLMs), and it becomes as powerful as a supercomputer when you link 256 of them together.

🤨 Why This Matters: Google's moves in the AI space show that they're serious about staying on top in the tech world. Their announcement coming right after ChatGPT Enterprise's launch is something to note.

Samsung has just rolled out a new AI-based food app called Samsung Food in over 100 countries. The app leverages a massive recipe database of 160,000 dishes from Whisk, an app that Samsung previously acquired. Samsung Food not only recommends meals and meal plans but also suggests ingredients you can order. What's more, it can even control your kitchen appliances and share recipes with you. Looking ahead, Samsung plans to add a feature next year that will allow its Vision AI to identify food items through your phone's camera.

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