ChatGPT Now Sees, Hears, and Speaks!

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ChatGPT can now do more cool stuff like seeing, hearing, and speaking. It can interact with users in fresh and exciting ways. This is a super big deal, just like when GPT-4 was introduced. Let's dive in!

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Most Exciting:ChatGPT just got major upgrades!

Training: Get ChatGPT to create your CV!

Breaking News: Amazon invests $4 Billion in AI Startup Anthropic!

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  1. FireCut-Super Fast AI Video Editor!

  2. Copy AI-Writes AI content like blogs, headlines, articles!

  3. Pictory-Easy video creation for content marketers!

  4. 10Web- AI that can create websites in seconds!

  5. Meln -Awaken Your Second Brain: AI-Powered Insights

Source: Open AI

Big News! OpenAI has added some crazy new features to ChatGPT.

What's new?

  • ChatGPT can now understand pictures and sounds. So, you can show it photos or talk to it, and it'll get what you mean.

Talking to ChatGPT:

  • Thanks to Whisper, you can now have voice chats with ChatGPT. It's like calling a super-smart friend!

  • You can even pick from five different voices for the chat.

Chatting using images:

  • Show ChatGPT pictures, screenshots, or even text documents, and it'll understand and chat about them.

  • Want to talk about multiple pics or even draw something to show ChatGPT? You can do that too!

Other cool things to know:

  • Spotify's testing a feature to translate podcast sounds using this tech.

  • If you're a Plus or Enterprise user with OpenAI, get ready for these new voice and image features rolling out soon.

  • You can use the voice feature on your phone, both iPhone and Android. And the image feature? It'll be everywhere.

Why is this a big deal? It's a game-changer for these big language tech things called LLMs. Even Google didn't get here first! And honestly, it feels like the advanced, smart assistant (like Siri) we've all been waiting for.

Heres a prompt if youre looking for a job, or just exploring options, to write you the foundation for your resume/CV.

The CV Prompt (change position based on your role):

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT )

Create a one-page resume for an executive assistant position, highlighting impressive organizational and administrative skills.

Source: Anthropic

Big Play by Amazon! They're dropping a whopping $4 billion to buy a piece (not even the whole thing!) of an AI startup named Anthropic.

What's happening?

  • Anthropic will move its work to Amazon's cloud, AWS, and will use Amazon's tech to power its AI.

  • Amazon gets a top-tier AI buddy. Some folks thought they were falling behind in the AI game, but this move changes that chat.

  • It might be the biggest amount AWS has ever put into a startup, showing they're super hungry for AI success.

Why It Matters? People thought Amazon was just watching from the sidelines in the AI world. Nope! By teaming up with Anthropic, a rival to ChatGPT, they're showing they're all in. Watch out world, Amazon's joining the AI showdown in a big way! ∴

Getty Images has introduced an AI art tool that's been trained using their vast collection of stock photos. They've added features to ensure it's used correctly, like not allowing images of public figures to be created. This is all to make businesses feel safer when using AI-generated visuals, as they also provide licensing protections.

Last week, Open Souls showcased its advanced chat AI in a pretend Zoom firing chat between two AIs. Their goal? To make AIs that chat and act super close to real humans, even with emotions and unique personalities.

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