🍿 Elon Musk Ends Lawsuit Against OpenAI!

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Elon Musk has suddenly stopped his lawsuit against OpenAI, just one day before he was due to appear in court. This quick change comes right after he openly criticized OpenAI's new partnership with Apple.

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🧠 Breaking News: Elon Musk Drops OpenAI Lawsuit!

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Source: Reuters

Elon Musk has unexpectedly withdrawn his lawsuit against OpenAI just a day before a significant court hearing was scheduled. This lawsuit accused OpenAI of straying from its original mission to develop AI for humanity's benefit.


  • Elon Musk helped found OpenAI in 2015 with Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, aiming to ensure AI development remained open and nonprofit.

  • Musk alleges that after he left the board in 2017, OpenAI shifted its focus towards profit-making, particularly highlighted by its partnership with Microsoft.

  • In response, OpenAI has refuted Musk's claims and even released emails from Musk's time at the company that seem to counter his current stance.

Recent Developments:

  • Musk's decision to drop the lawsuit followed his public disapproval of OpenAI's recent partnership with Apple, where he even suggested banning Apple devices from his companies.

Why It's Significant: The timing of Musk's withdrawal from the lawsuit, just after criticizing OpenAI's deal with Apple, adds a layer of intrigue. Although this legal battle may be winding down, the ongoing tension between Musk and OpenAI suggests more conflicts might still arise.


Here are the latest developments in AI:

  • Mistral's Funding Milestone: French AI startup Mistral has just raised $640 million in a Series B funding round, skyrocketing its valuation to $6 billion.

  • Apple's AI Updates: Apple recently shared insights on its in-device AI models, which are performing slightly better than other small models like Phi-3-mini, Mistral-7b, and Gemma-7b in tests.

  • ARC Prize 2024 Launch: François Chollet and Mike Knoop have introduced the ARC Prize 2024, a $1 million coding competition. This challenge invites AI developers to create systems that can solve novel reasoning problems, pushing closer to achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

  • U.S. Tightens AI Chip Regulations: The U.S. government is preparing to enforce additional restrictions on China's access to cutting-edge AI chips, particularly targeting the new ‘GAA’ chip architecture.

  • Google's Pixel Update: Google's upcoming June update for the Pixel series will incorporate the Gemini Nano AI model into Pixel 8 and 8a devices, enhancing features like transcription.

  • Brazil's AI Initiative: Brazil is partnering with OpenAI to implement AI tools for analyzing and flagging lawsuits, aiming to cut down on court-related expenses and alleviate the federal budget.

  • Flyhomes' AI Real Estate Portal: Flyhomes has launched an AI-enhanced home search portal, revolutionizing real estate searches with superior data integration and conversational AI capabilities.

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