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Eid Mubarak to those celebrating! As usual, its been a crazy week for AI. I’m going to cover all the key insights of the week so you can stay up to date.

In Today’s Overview:

📈 Trending: Quick list of this weeks most popular tools

🛠️ Most Exciting: Generate multiple AI images in seconds…

💡 Training: The ultimate ChatGPT networking prompt

🧠 Breaking News: ChatGPT unleashes mobile search via Bing

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  1. Microsoft 365 Copilot - Your copilot for work

  2. Plus AI - AI Youtube thumbnail generator

  3. Morise - Simplify your YouTube workflow by 10x

  4. AI Lawyer - Personal AI lawyer at your fingertips

  5. Resume Worded - Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

PicFinder is an AI tool that turns your descriptions into beautiful images, giving life to your creative ideas. It has the ability to generate an infinite number of images.

Whether you're a designer seeking inspiration, a content creator in need of original visuals, or simply interested in exploring AI-generated art, PicFinder can assist you with all your image requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Limitless image generation: Create countless images based on your descriptions, unlocking a realm of creative possibilities.

  2. Flexible image sizes: Customize the dimensions of your images, choosing from options like square, tall, and wide shots. This ensures that you have the precise visuals you need for your projects.

  3. User-friendly interface: The tool is easy to use. Just provide a description of the image you have in mind, and PicFinder will generate a vast collection of stunning visuals that you can browse and download for free.

💡 Quick Tip: Explore the almost hidden function of the image to prompt, a feature added in the recent update. This allows you to reverse the process by

generating an image description.

ChatGPT can be confusing, and knowing what to prompt can be a pain. That's why I focus on basic prompts that work & have real utility. Every week I will cover a new prompt that you can use to advance your career & turbocharge your productivity.

Today, we're spotlighting a tried-and-true favorite,

The Power Networking Prompt:

(Perfect for cold emailing - Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“Give me an email chain for a cold sales email with sections in brackets that can be personalized to specific persons or companies."

📚 Top 7 Stories:

  1. Databricks acquires MosaicML for $1.3B ($2m per employee)

  2. Reuters shelling out $650M for an AI-powered law assistant

  3. Google Deepmind is building a model to outperform GPT

  4. AI is now being used to translate whale communication

  5. David Goggins AI alarm assistant to wake you up

  6. Only 57% of US adults have heard of or used GPT

  7. Reka raises $50m with 0 revenue

Exciting news, everyone! ChatGPT has received a big update. Now, iOS users who have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus can utilize Bing's web search feature.

For a monthly fee of $20, ChatGPT Plus subscribers on iOS can now activate browsing with Bing to access up-to-date information on various topics and events. This is a significant upgrade from the limited 2021 information available in the free version. To enable Bing browsing, simply navigate to the 'New Features' section.

Android users, your time's coming!

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