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PLUS: ChatGPT finally launches Code Interpreter!

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Its been another crazy week in AI, and todays no exception.
AI presentations, Adobes limits, a big ChatGPT update, and more!

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 Trending: Quick list of this weeks most popular tools
Most Exciting: Generate a pitch deck in seconds
 Training: The ultimate ChatGPT SEO prompt
 Breaking News: ChatGPT releases new Code Interpreter feature!

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  1. Invideo - Convert text into videos with AI. Super easy to use!

  2. Postwise - Generates viral Twitter posts and threads in a click!

  3. Fireflies - Automate your meeting notes with this AI tool!

  4. Speechify - Helps you remember more of what you read!

  5. FinalleAI - Analyzes real-time market insights for you!

Tome represents a game-changing AI-driven platform that aims to revolutionize storytelling, project management, and pitch decks.

Tome uses AI to empower anyone to create and share immersive narratives, all on an interactive canvas that makes creating a pitch deck 10x easier than using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Watch my video on it here

 Key Features:

Generate Narratives: Type a prompt into the command bar and let Tome do the heavy lifting, generating a presentation, outline, or story complete with text and images.

Transform Artifacts: Transform your strategy documents, creative briefs, or entire websites into a Tome. You can also condense lengthy content into key points, making it easier for your audience to grasp.

Refine Your Point: Use AI to adjust your text to the perfect tone and length, switch up image styles, and modify image output. Get your story across exactly how you envision it.

Powerful Content Creation: Use a single command system to perform any action efficiently. You can turn static presentations into live, interactive experiences and give your work essential context with AV overlays. You can also utilize smart themes and responsive layouts for a hassle-free design experience.

Integration: Consolidate all your content in one place, from product mocks and 3D prototypes to data and web pages. Forget about screenshots and embed your content directly onto your page for a more impactful story.

 Quick Tip: 

Let AI do the heavy lifting with relevant imagesuse the in-app AI image generator to capitalize on the power of effective imagery.

ChatGPT can be confusing, and knowing what to prompt can be a pain. That's why I focus on basic prompts that work & have real utility. Every week I will cover a new prompt that you can use to advance your career & turbocharge your productivity.

Today, we're spotlighting a tried-and-true favorite,

The SEO Meta Description Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT )

Generate concise and compelling meta description of up to 200 characters from the provided text:

[Provide text here]"

QR code openAI

Image source: OpenAI, Twitter

Over the next week, all ChatGPT Plus users will gain access to the Code Interpreter beta feature.


  • It allows ChatGPT to run code, optionally with access to files youve uploaded.

  • You can request ChatGPT to analyze data, edit files, and solve math problemsand thats just the start

  • As with all ChatGPT beta features, you must enable it in your profile settings

Hot tip: Weve tried it, and our favorite use case is getting it to create visuals such as graphs and plots. Its a game changer for people who work with lots of data (You can upload data and let it analyze for you!)

Just remember to disable chat history and model training if you dont want to feed ChatGPT all your precious information.

Since November 2022 ChatGPT search results have been on an explosive upwards curve, racking in over 1.5B visits in less than 6 months.

However, search results are declining by around 10% over 2 months between May and now. Is the ChatGPT hype over?

Adobe is limiting employee use of AI, with the company instructing its workers not to use their personal email accounts or corporate credit cards when signing up for AI tools, like ChatGPT.

AGI, or superintelligence, has the potential to solve global issues like climate change, but it must align with human goals to avoid risks.

To address this, OpenAI dedicates 20% of its compute power to an alignment team, ensuring AI developments align with human objectives.

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