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Hello AI Enthusiasts!

Google's been moving fast with innovations, but it's been a tough month.

The buzz for their Gemini 1.5 was quickly outshined by OpenAI's Sora. And now, Google's AI image generator is causing a stir, but for all the wrong reasons. Here's the scoop…

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Most Exciting:  Stability AI showcases Stable Diffusion 3!

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🧠 Breaking News: Google pauses Gemini over recent backlash!

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  1. Pixiebrix- The ultimate ChatGPT automation chrome extension!

  2. Shopmate- Turns website visitors into buyers with AI!

  3. Syllaby- Creates an entire social media strategy in minutes!

  4. Spacely - Your AI interior design assistant! Super cool!

  5. Beehiiv - Create newsletters with AI! (like this one)

Source: Stability AI

Stability AI just launched Stable Diffusion 3, marking a leap forward in image generation with notable quality enhancements, better handling of multiple subjects, and improved text spelling within images.

Here's what's new:

  • The model adopts a transformer architecture akin to OpenAI's Sora, which boosts both quality and efficiency.

  • Available in various sizes, the models range from 800 million to 8 billion parameters, catering to different needs.

  • Typography enhancements mean the model can generate accurate text and complete sentences within images, a significant improvement.

  • Access to the upgraded model is currently on an 'early preview' basis, with interested users joining a waitlist.

The significance: The advancement narrows the gap between open-source projects and proprietary AI giants, showcasing that open models are indeed capable of matching, if not surpassing, the industry's leaders. Stable Diffusion 3's text generation capabilities, in particular, set a new benchmark for AI-driven creativity.

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Source: The Financial Times

Breaking News: Google has temporarily halted the people image generation feature of its Gemini AI, following criticism for overly diversifying its outputs.

Key points:

  • Gemini's effort to enhance diversity in people images backfired, sparking controversy on X with users sharing misleading results and noting challenges in creating Caucasian characters.

  • Google responded to the backlash, emphasizing their commitment to diversity but admitting their approach fell short.

  • This has ignited a wider debate on AI bias and safety.

  • Google is pausing Gemini's people-image generation to refine the feature, promising an improved version soon.

The takeaway: Striking an ethical balance in AI development is challenging. This incident underscores the growing call for open and less restrictive models. As AI's role in content creation expands, ensuring these models remain unbiased and neutral becomes increasingly crucial.


Here are some of the latest developments in the AI world:

  1. Google has been identified as the mystery buyer of Reddit's data, securing the deal for approximately $60 million annually.

  2. OpenAI has rolled out updates for GPT models, enhancing features for both creators and users with more profile options and new ways to give feedback.

  3. Google's new 'Help Me Write' feature in Chrome, powered by Gemini, offers users AI-assisted writing and editing with just a click.

  4. Disney is investing in five startups through its Accelerator program, with a focus on AI through partnerships with ElevenLabs, PrometheanAI, and AudioShake.

  5. Poe has unveiled new image understanding features, incorporating GPT-4V and LLaVa technologies into its chatbot services.

  6. Jasper expands its AI marketing suite by acquiring the AI image editing tool Clipdrop from Stability AI, marking its entry into the European market.

  7. DatologyAI launched a new platform designed to automatically curate AI training data, aiming to improve model performance, efficiency, and reduce costs.

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