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It's mind blowing what we can now do with AI-created copies called avatars. Imagine the progress in the next year?

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📈 Trending: Quick list of this weeks most popular tools…

💡 Training: Improve ChatGPT’s accuracy by 20x…

🧠 Breaking News:  Lifelike AI-generated avatars are here!

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  1. Durable- AI that can create you a website in seconds!

  2. PhotoAI- Creates stunning photos without needing a camera!

  3. Webscape- Your personal AI assistant for web browsing!

  4. Beehiiv - Start making over $1,000 from newsletters referrals!

  5. SimplePhones - AI that can answers calls for you!

ChatGPT’s accuracy has reduced by almost 80%! Here’s a prompt which can help get you better results!

The 20x Accuracy Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“Think step by step. Consider my question carefully and think of the academic or professional expertise of someone that could best answer my question. You have the experience of someone with expert knowledge in that area. Be helpful and answer in detail while preferring to use information from reputable sources”

Breaking News:

HeyGen just rolled out version 2.0 of their AI-generated avatar clones, and they're SO lifelike, people are questioning reality! Click here to see the mind blowing demo.

Key Points:

  • The company's founder became his own AI avatar, created 100% by AI.

  • The upgrades include MASSIVE enhancements to video quality, voice cloning, and accents.

  • Think voice cloning takes time? Think again! The founder's voice and unique accent were replicated in a only 2 minutes! 🚀

Mind-Blowing Fact: Most of us can't even tell the difference. To about 95% of people, it's indistinguishable from reality. And it's only getting more advanced from here.

Why You Should Care: Brace yourself! A huge wave of AI-made content is coming to media. Soon, it'll be a challenge to tell what's real and what's AI magic. 🎩✨"

🤔 Why it matters: While it sounds cool in the right hands, imagine if it is used to fake politicians or celebrities? It can be a big problem in the wrong hands and policies and regulations will have to come out to manage this.

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ChatGPT's 'Custom Instructions' is now available for everyone, not just in the EU and UK. Even free users can use it! Before, only paid subscribers could. It helps you get detailed and more accurate answers.

Scientists at the American Chemical Society made a chatbot using ChatGPT to help with science and guess test results. This chatbot, named "ChatGPT Chemistry Assistant," works for many chemistry topics. It shows how AI can help in learning.

A recent survey by the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute and Axios shows many Americans are scared of AI's future.

  • 82% want to slow down AI growth, while only 8% want to speed it up.

  • 62% are mainly concerned about AI, but 21% are mostly excited.

  • 76% think AI might end humanity.

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