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Happy Sunday AI Enthusiasts!

Google is all set for its big I/O conference next week, but OpenAI might have a trick up its sleeve.

Word is that ChatGPT will get a major update on Monday, adding search features that could go head-to-head with Google Search. Let's dive into what this showdown could bring!

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Most Exciting:  Chat GPT new feature!

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  1. 🤝 Touch AI: Quickly pinpoint your perfect business customers.

  2. 🔒 Facia: Combat deepfakes with advanced facial recognition technology.

  3. Synthflow AI Teams: Enhance customer service with AI-powered voice assistants.

  4. 📹 Krea AI Video: Create AI-generated videos from keyframe images.

  5. 🎨 Stable Artisan: Generate diverse media across modes using the Stable Diffusion Discord.

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OpenAI is rumored to launch a new search feature for ChatGPT this Monday, setting the stage to compete directly with Google Search and Perplexity.


  • This new feature would enable ChatGPT to pull information from the web to answer questions, complete with citations.

  • It might also include images with text responses, like diagrams or illustrated guides.

  • Currently, ChatGPT Plus users have some browsing features, but they've been a bit glitchy.

Why It Matters: This move could intensify the competition between OpenAI and Google, especially with the timing right before Google's big I/O event. A robust search capability could elevate ChatGPT’s utility, paving the way for more advanced, agent-like functions.

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Breaking News: Just a week after the debut of Gemini Ultra, Google has now introduced an even more powerful update with the Gemini 1.5 model. This new version boasts a revolutionary 1M token context window, potentially expanding up to 10M tokens for processing significantly more data than ever before.

Here's what's new:

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro is capable of processing up to 700,000 words of text, 30,000 lines of code, 11 hours of audio, or 1 hour of video, showcasing unparalleled processing power.

  • Despite its vast context window, Gemini 1.5 maintains high performance, adept at picking apart fine details from extensive datasets across text, code, and multimedia.

  • Upon release, the public will have access to a version with a 128K token context window, with plans to scale up as the model's capabilities advance.

  • The full 1M token capacity is initially reserved for select developers and enterprise clients.

  • Besides the expanded context window, Gemini 1.5 introduces performance enhancements aligning it with the capabilities of the flagship Gemini Ultra.

The significance: Google's rapid follow-up with Gemini 1.5 after launching Gemini Ultra underscores a significant leap forward. The extended context window opens up possibilities for analyzing complete narratives, extensive codebases, and lengthy multimedia content in a way that sets Gemini apart in the competitive landscape of large language models.


Here are the latest developments in AI:

  • Adobe's New Tool: Adobe introduces the Acrobat AI Assistant for businesses, featuring chat, summaries, and smart citations to enhance document handling.

  • Stability AI's Discord Integration: Stability AI launches Stable Artisan, enabling users to access image and video generation models and editing tools directly through Discord.

  • ElevenLabs' Music Innovations: ElevenLabs previews new audio samples from its Music model, producing impressive songs from simple text prompts without any edits.

  • TikTok's AI Content Labels: TikTok plans to implement new labels for AI-generated content by embedding invisible metadata into images, videos, and audio.

  • AI in Refugee Interviews: The Department of Homeland Security is experimenting with AI to simulate refugee interviews, aiming to train officers better and enhance smuggling detection.

  • Mistral AI's Funding Round: Mistral AI is reportedly on course to raise $600M, potentially boosting its valuation to $6B, a significant increase for the Paris-based startup.

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