😲 OpenAI CEO's New $1B AI Device!

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OpenAI Ceo, Sam Altman and Jony Ive's (ex Apple) new venture, backed by $1 billion, could transform AI hardware. Is this the tech industry's next big thing? Let's find out.

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Most Exciting:  Freekip’s amazing AI image generator!

🧠 Breaking News: Sam Altman & Ex Apple Employee Launch new 1$B Startup!

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  1. Noctie - Practice chess versus AI!

  2. Autotab - Hire AI to do repetitive work for you!

  3. Infinity- From script to movie in seconds!

  4. Metaform- AI form builder (Like Typeform)

  5. Beehiiv - Create newsletters with AI! (like this one)

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Source: Bloomberg

Breaking News: Sam Altman from OpenAI and Jony Ive, who used to design for Apple, are planning something big in AI gadgets. They're trying to get $1 billion from big investors to create a new kind of personal device, different from a phone, that might use OpenAI's smart chat tech.

The details:

  • They want to make a new device that's not like a phone but still super smart.

  • Big names like Emerson Collective and Thrive Capital might invest in their idea.

  • Altman talked to SoftBank, a huge investor, about getting money for this project, which people started talking about in late 2023.

  • Altman also has a stake in Humane AI, which is about to release its 'AI Pin,' a new type of AI device.

Why it matters: Altman and Ive teaming up is a big deal because they're both really good at what they do—making cool tech stuff. Their new project could shake up the tech world, competing with the big companies making AI devices. But this also makes people wonder about how all these businesses and AI technologies are connecting, especially with Altman's involvement in different companies.


Here are some of the latest developments in the AI world:

  1. Anthropic's Claude Upgrade: Anthropic enhanced its AI, Claude, with 'tool use' capabilities. This means Claude can now do more tasks and even access external data and tools to provide better answers.

  2. Canada's AI Investment: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada announced a plan to spend $2.4 billion to improve the country's AI skills and technical infrastructure. This move aims to make Canada a stronger player in the AI field.

  3. Huawei's Weather AI, Zhiji: Huawei launched a new version of its AI weather model, Zhiji, capable of giving highly accurate five-day weather forecasts covering areas as small as 2 miles.

  4. DataStax Buys Langflow: DataStax acquired Langflow, a tool based on LangChain, to help developers create AI applications more quickly and effortlessly. This acquisition is a step towards making AI development more accessible.

  5. Y Combinator's Demo Day: Y Combinator presented a variety of new startups at its Winter 2024 Demo Day, showcasing emerging talents in healthcare, chip design, and AI, among other fields.

  6. AI in Food Waste Management: Some restaurants and grocery stores are now using AI to track and analyze food waste. By monitoring trash and purchases, they aim to tackle the issue of 30-40% of food being wasted, hoping to cut down on unnecessary waste.

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