😲OpenAI Leaks ChatGPT 5?!

PLUS: Biden gives Intel $20 Billion!

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The AI community is buzzing with anticipation for GPT-5, and it seems select enterprise clients are already getting a sneak peek.

Rumors hint at a summer launch, with whispers about new AI agents stirring excitement. The speculation around OpenAI is at its peak. Let's dive into the details…

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Most Exciting:  OpenAI leaks Chat GPT 5?!

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🧠 Breaking News: Biden provides Intel with $20 billion!

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Recent leaks from OpenAI have given us a sneak peek at the upcoming GPT-5 model, showing what's new and when it might arrive.

Here's the lowdown:

  • GPT-5 is said to be a big step up from the previous version, with some special previews already given to business customers.

  • OpenAI might be adding a feature for GPT-5 to work with new "AI agents" they are creating.

  • The plan is to launch GPT-5 around the middle of the year, but this could change depending on how the final tests and safety checks go.

Why this matters: The excitement around GPT-5 is building, especially with the talk of these new AI agents. This could really help OpenAI stand out in the AI world.

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Source: Reuters

Breaking News: The U.S. government is set to give Intel a whopping $20 billion to ramp up semiconductor production, representing the biggest public investment in AI technology so far.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Intel will get $8.5 billion in grants and could receive up to $11 billion in loans for its chip-making initiatives.

  • This financial boost aims to help build state-of-the-art chip factories, increase research and development, and upgrade facilities for advanced packaging.

  • The agreement is expected to generate over 30,000 high-quality jobs.

  • Thanks to this deal, the U.S. could be making 20% of the world's most advanced AI chips by 2030.

The big picture: This funding for Intel is part of a larger $52.7 billion plan under the CHIPS Act, aimed at advancing the U.S. in the global semiconductor competition. This move is seen as a critical step in maintaining America's technological leadership.


Here's a roundup of recent AI news:

  • Google has been fined $272 million by French authorities for reportedly training its Gemini AI model using news content without permission.

  • Stability AI is facing challenges, with key researchers leaving due to the company's financial issues and leadership departures.

  • Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, predicts that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be achieved in the next five years and downplays the issue of AI 'hallucinations' during his talk at the GTC conference.

  • Character AI has launched a feature that lets users create voices for their characters from just 10 seconds of audio.

  • Ubisoft, in collaboration with Nvidia and Inworld, demonstrated "Neo NPCs," AI-driven video game characters that can converse with players, in an experimental showcase.

  • GitHub introduced the beta of CodeQL, an AI tool designed to automatically detect and rectify security flaws in software.

  • Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former lawyer, avoided penalties after inadvertently using AI to generate fake legal citations in a court document.

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