😲 OpenAI's GPT Store - All You Need To Know!

PLUS: This weeks most popular AI tools!

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Happy Saturday AI Enthusiasts!

Get ready for a game-changer! OpenAI's GPT Store is launching next week, after some boardroom suspense.

Think of it as the App Store, but for custom AI bots. Could this be the spark for a new era of AI creativity and business? Stay tuned - the future of AI starts now! 🤖 

In Today’s Overview:

📈 Trending: Quick list of this weeks most popular tools…

Most Exciting:  OpenAI’s GPT Store!

💡 Training: Let ChatGPT create a content calendar for you!

🧠 Breaking News: Google Leak! Premium Bard Advanced!

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  1. AlloBOT- AI Powered Phone Services - Your Own Assistant!

  2. Dashy - All Your Tools, Notifications, and Data in One App!

  3. Record Once- Create Video Tutorials in Minutes!

  4. Nesta- Chatbot-driven exploration of 2024 trends

  5. Mixo - Launch a startup with AI!

🤖 OpenAI’s GPT Store Launching Soon!

Source: OpenAI DevDay

OpenAI is all set to launch its much-anticipated GPT store next week, a big update for developers! This new platform is designed for sharing, discovering, and monetizing custom GPT creations.

Here's the scoop:

  • Originally planned for November, the GPT Store's launch was delayed due to some upheaval in OpenAI's leadership.

  • The store is expected to include a revenue-sharing model, rewarding creators based on how much their custom GPTs are used.

  • A leaderboard will highlight the most popular GPTs, and OpenAI will also feature standout creations in different categories.

  • Privacy is a priority: chats won't be shared with GPT builders, and there's an option to keep GPTs private.

Why it's important: This could be a turning point, much like the App Store was for mobile apps. The GPT Store not only offers a new platform for AI creators but also encourages a fresh wave of innovation on OpenAI's platform.

Here’s a prompt if you want to get ChatGPT to create a content calendar for your blogs or any type of content really!

The Content Calendar Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“Craft a content calendar with [number] blog post ideas, including these keywords [insert keywords]. Spread the blog posts out across 3 months”

Breaking News: Exciting news from Google hints at a new, premium "Bard Advanced" service, powered by their cutting-edge AI model, Gemini Ultra. This could introduce groundbreaking customization options.

Key points:

  • Bard Advanced plans to use the Gemini Ultra model, which is still under wraps. It's tipped to be a multimodal powerhouse, potentially rivaling GPT-4.

  • This premium version might be part of a paid Google One subscription, with a bonus 3-month trial.

  • A new feature, codenamed 'Motoko', seems set to let users craft their own bots, echoing OpenAI's GPT Store.

  • We also spotted features like prompt "power ups" for better responses and a "Gallery" to demonstrate various uses.

Why it's a big deal: Gemini Ultra represents Google's top-tier AI. The success of Bard Advanced could elevate Google in the competitive LLM space. But after some earlier issues with Gemini's demo, Ultra needs to truly impress to draw users from other paid services.

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