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Hello Again AI Enthusiasts!

Samsung has just unveiled its Galaxy S24 series, aiming to usher in a 'new era of mobile AI' for users around the globe.

Are we witnessing the arrival of the first genuinely 'smart' smartphones? Let's explore this further…

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Most Exciting:  Samsung’s new S24 has AI features!

💡 Training: Let ChatGPT find bugs in your code for you!

🧠 Breaking News: Adobe’s Premiere Pro gets exciting AI updates!

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  1. Mailogy- Lets you talk to your emails with AI!

  2. Sonia - Mental health therapy with AI!

  3. Helloii- Automatically use ChatGPT on browser search!

  4. Equals- AI spreadsheet assistant!

  5. Beehiiv - Create newsletters with AI! (like this one)

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Source: Samsung

Samsung has just launched its latest Galaxy S24 series at the Unpacked event, showcasing a suite of advanced AI features powered by Google’s Gemini AI model, aimed at revolutionizing communication, photography, gaming, and more.

Here are the highlights:

  • A standout feature is Live Translate, which allows for real-time voice and text translation directly in the phone’s calling app, eliminating the need for external apps. This function operates locally on the device thanks to the integrated AI model.

  • The camera system boasts AI-driven editing tools that can enhance backgrounds, reposition subjects, and improve clarity in night mode and with 100x zoom, especially in low light or for distant subjects.

  • With Circle to Search, users can circle an object in a photo or video to quickly access related information from Google, thanks to AI assistance.

  • The AI capabilities are processed on the device itself, ensuring faster responses than those relying on cloud processing.

  • The Galaxy S24 lineup includes three models: the premium S24 Ultra starting at $1,299.99, the S24+ at $999, and the standard S24 at $799.

Why this is a game-changer: This launch marks a significant moment in the integration of AI into smartphones. While it remains to be seen how impactful these features will be for consumers, Samsung is potentially leading the way in introducing AI's capabilities to the mainstream mobile market.

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Source: Adobe

Breaking News: Adobe Premiere Pro just got a major AI boost, introducing features such as advanced speech removal, personalized audio transitions, and automatic audio category tagging.

Here's what's new:

  • The AI-powered audio tagging automatically categorizes clips as dialogue, music, effects, or ambient sounds. This simplifies accessing specific editing tools with just a click.

  • Users can now easily create custom audio transitions by dragging and dropping interactive fade handles directly on the main timeline.

  • Coming in February, an Enhanced Speech tool aims to significantly improve dialogue clarity and eliminate unwanted background noise from recordings.

Why this is significant: Adobe's consistent push to embed AI into its creative suite transforms workflows. While AI in art has stirred debate, the realm of audio and video editing appears perfectly suited for AI innovation. It's set to automate routine tasks, letting editors devote more time to the art of storytelling.

Here's a brief summary of the latest AI news:

  1. Amazon's Fire TVs now feature AI-generated custom artwork, created using Alexa's voice prompts.

  2. Security experts found LeftoverLocals, a flaw in GPU chips from Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm, which could reveal significant AI model data in numerous devices.

  3. Sakana AI, a Japanese startup, secured $30M in seed funding for its nature-inspired AI models, a notable move by a Silicon Valley VC in Japan.

  4. OpenAI's Sam Altman, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, emphasized the company's current focus on board formation following a tumultuous end to 2023.

  5. Adam D’Angelo, an OpenAI board director, reportedly discussed a board position with Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi, despite Databricks being seen as a competitor to OpenAI.

  6. Vicarius, a cybersecurity firm, raised $30M in Series B funding for its AI-driven vulnerability detection platform.

  7. Google NotebookLM introduced new features to its AI notetaking tool, such as "Help Me Understand", "Critique", and "Create Outline".

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