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Find out why big companies like Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Salesforce, and IBM are all investing in new AI - Hugging Face!

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🧠 Breaking News:  Hugging Face raises $235 Million!

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  1. Knibble- Your own AI chatbot with a knowledge base!

  2. Postwise- Automatically writes and schedules viral tweets!

  3. Docktopus- Creates AI presentations for you with just a prompt!

  4. Beehiiv - Start making over $1,000 from newsletters referrals!

  5. Respeecher - Clones AI voices for NPC’s in games or for content!

Here’s a prompt if you’re struggling with promoting your product or service and need some strategy and guidance!

The Marketing Prompt:

(Copy and paste this into ChatGPT 👇🏼)

“Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my [company] with/without using [Media channel]”

Breaking News:

A company called Hugging Face, which is all about AI, just got a huge amount of money ($235M) from some big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and others.

What you should know:

  • Hugging Face has a platform where people can share and use AI tools for free. Right now, they have a lot of different AI models and data sets.

  • With this new money, they've now raised a total of $395.2M, making the company worth $4.5 billion!

The boss of Hugging Face, Clem Delangue, believes that AI is the future of all software. He dreams of having 100 million people using Hugging Face for their AI needs in the next five years.

Why this matters: More and more people want to work together on AI projects. Hugging Face is becoming a big name in this area, especially for free and open tools.

Meta (the company that used to be called Facebook) introduced a new tool named 'Code Llama' on Thursday. This tool can create and talk about code just by getting text instructions. It's free for everyone to use and works with popular coding languages like Python and JavaScript.

OpenAI has chosen a company called Scale AI as its main helper to make GPT-3.5 better. Scale AI will use its skills to adjust the AI models for different customers. This news comes after a test showed that the improved GPT-3.5 is as good as GPT-4 but cheaper.

Nvidia's boss, Jensen Huang, believes the growth in AI will keep going. To show his confidence, he's spent a lot of money, including buying back $25 billion of Nvidia's own shares.

Nvidia wants to make more computer parts because more companies are switching from old-style computer centers to ones using Nvidia's chips. Even though this is a big move, Nvidia is almost the only big player in this market, so it could bring them a lot of profit.

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